Love, the way it is…



I don’t believe in true love.
I jut believe on love
the way it is;
the way, it is created.

True love varies
from person to person
and sometimes it’s so demanding too,
either from her or from his side.

Believe me or not,
love is pure and so silent…!
It doesn’t looks beautiful
with cosmetic prefix or suffixes.

What is ‘love’,
Can be said ?
Only can be expressed or can be felt.
It just circulates where it is welcomed.

Love is just love.
So believe on love,
the way it is,
and plz don’t pollute it.

Unspoken Goodbyes…

It came after
lots of beautiful moments;
plenty of happiness and countable sorrows.

I never relied on it
couldn’t said out loud
to the city, which gave first job to an unemployed,
to the community, which built a college guy to professional,
to the people, who encouraged during all my difficulties,
to her, who taught me smiling.

All those unspoken goodbyes which were meant,
deserve to be said,
deserve to be yelled.

Photography # 12



 You are my life,
You are the source of  my happiness.
My tryst with you is a long one,
the horizons of which I am unable to capture.
You are the secret behind my unseen smiles,
following as a shadow for miles.


Note: I took this snap a few days back when I felt bored while preparing for my M.S. examination.

Silent wishes

Hey Listen,
I’m siLent…

no words – on my lips,
no steps – by my feet,
no dreams – in my eyes.

My eyes are filled with tears,

Arid dreams get drenched.

I’ve lost my smile in the crowded sights,
Popped out to be a friend of dark nights.

I’m become a machine now,
have to work both days and nights,
not for money, not for happiness, not for passion,
it’s just for clients!

Oh God,
The spaces between us;
is your decision.
Purely yours!;
No one has to be blamed!!!

Yes, Sweetheart,
You are bit angry on me
so am I.
But you aren’t unfaithful
so do I.
Then what makes the distance
increases between U-and-I?

C’mon, Sona,
Speak up!
Wipe out your worries,
Chin up with the grin.
Showcase your charming face,
Awaiting your sweet songs,
Hoping your lovely smile,
C’mon baby,
Cheer up!

~ 0 ~

wish to smile!!!

Whenever clouds of pain loomed,
Whenever tears filled my tired eyes,
Whenever this blossoming heart got scared,
I told my heart, ‘Why do you cry for such reason?’
This is what happens in this world…!

This deep silence, time has distributed it to all.
Some sadness is part of everyone’s life,
Some sunshine is a part of everyone’s life,
Your eyes are damp without any reason,
Every second is a new season,
Why do you waste your time over such matters?
Oh Heart, why do you cry?


Poem of ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ is modified to suite me.