Wish You Happy New Year…


New Year brings something new in life. A basketful of very many exciting hopes and an unimaginable spirit to overcome all odds. Frankly speaking, I have no resolution in the reckoning for a blissful new year but my whole heart and mind goes on to say……………

Dear Mom, Dad & God,
Graciously one more year is going to be added to the pages of my life. Thank you for supporting me for the past one year like any other years from my birth. I thank you for a warm bosom and a roof for my head on cool dark nights. I enjoyed all the meals that you provided over the year. Again I thank you for the gift of companionship and I am so glad to get chances to meet so many friends @wordpress/@facebook/@office etc 🙂

Hi friends,
Thank you all for inspiring me in every steps of my life. Wishing you a new year filled with new hopes, new joy and new beginnings… 🙂