Respect Women, Respect Nation


I am back after so long 4-5 months. Got new job, relocated to new place, bought new camera (Canon EOS 60D) and so many new updates. Sorry I couldn’t stay in touch.

Hmmm… One more new update. My parents started searching bride for me! traditionally we call it an arranged marriage. It’s kind of mixed feeling I am enjoying now. As day passes, my heartbeat keeps increasing. I’m thinking on how she will be, how we both will carry forward our family and so on. But above all, I pray god to be her soldier for any injustice happens to her.

I strongly believe on respect a woman receives, shows how devolved that family is. Like wise I too believe that in every man burns the courage to stand up against any injustice done to his mother, wife or his sisters. If all men realize the value of these believes and promise for his own family, then only it will not so late to see the dreamed country, seen by our so many freedom fighters. When we respect women we respect our nation. When all women in our country will get up at morning with no fear and no tear, that golden sun rays will bring prosperity and opulence for our country.

A Letter to All Indian Friends

Today (5th April, 2011) I came to know about, civil society’s battle against corruption which acquired its sharpest edge ever on Tuesday as veteran social activist Anna Hazare began a fast unto death at the capital’s landmark Jantar Mantar demanding greater public role in the Anti-Corruption Bill (Lokpal Bill.pdf), which has been considered and put aside by successive regimes for the last 42 years. Every day we listen about the scam, corruption and how people hide their black money in Swiss bank. Time has come for all Indian (mainly for youths in India) to think on these matters deeply. Although I have full respect for this initiation, but before supporting them (Anna Hazare & Co.), as an Indian many questions comes to mind. Are they really opposing Corruption?? Do they really want to work for our country or are they doing it for publicity??? The reason why this question comes to my mind  is that I am frustrated believing our political leaders. Are they proceeding with a proper planned manifesto, which should be implemented if they win?? What will be their next plan, if it will be successful on their first demand (Anti-Corruption Bill)??? It should be confirmed that no exterior organization is involved in it. As a youngster, we should not be influenced by other’s words without knowing the diplomatic reasons of it.

Don’t forget, what happened at Iraq, Libya & Egypt. Local protesters raised their voice against their leaders without their proper manifestos. This resulted in civil war in these countries which gave an opportunity to third parties like western countries (a combined force of troops from the United States, the United Kingdom etc) to intervene in the local war, and declaring to the world that this is for welfare of Iraqis and to free Egypt from Gaddaffi. But their original motive was to capture the crude oil from these countries to strengthen their economy which is suffering from recession. They need new resources to revive their economy. Everyone knows this very well.

India is so groomed in all the areas of the world market that most of the developed countries bow down. So even a  little mistake in manifesto, gives an opportunity for other countries like Pakistan, China, and USA etc. At least we are happy that our country is unlike Burma where many leaders & well wishers are put under house arrest within own country although it’s a independent country. So my dear friends, India’s scams & corruptions have already stopped our breathing. So don’t flow on the wave blindly. Kindly think twice about our motherland India before supporting/opposing any regime.

Now there is a need of good leader who must be assertive, open-minded and fair. Because I always believe, good manifesto can be created by discussions. Also if you have some idea, of not only stopping corruption & scam but also of developing our country, please share with your friends. Sure you will get idea of how to execute the same. So friends, time has come for us to do something for our country. With this I am sharing my little note with you all to strengthen our bond in well manner. It’s your wish to realize and pass it to your friends or make it spam. Thank you. Jai Hind… 🙂

FYI: Comparison of Government’s Lokpal Bill with Civil Society’s Lokpal Bill is added above in Lokpal Bill.pdf.