Unspoken Goodbyes…

It came after
lots of beautiful moments;
plenty of happiness and countable sorrows.

I never relied on it
couldn’t said out loud
to the city, which gave first job to an unemployed,
to the community, which built a college guy to professional,
to the people, who encouraged during all my difficulties,
to her, who taught me smiling.

All those unspoken goodbyes which were meant,
deserve to be said,
deserve to be yelled.

Reality versus opinion

After my retina test, I became almost blind for a day. Not able to see properly, mainly in sun light. So while waiting for an auto/taxi to home at hospital, one blind man requested my help to cross the road. Although I was little better on vision than him at that time, still I didn’t take dare to put somebody’s life in risk. So I requested an (unknown) young girl to help him, who was standing beside me. She is really a nice girl. She accepted my request and helped him to cross the road after throwing a word ‘stupid’ to me. Probably she was not aware of my situation at that time or I would have explained my condition while requesting her help for somebody else.

Everyone is having their own opinions, which turns into beliefs after some times. The way you feel about any topic or situation, is shaped by the way you perceive the reality around you. You should remember one thing; there are different types of people. The way you perceive might be completely different than what others think on the same. So instead of reacting on anybody’s opinion, it’s better to express your opinion in front of all. I really like this uniqueness of diversity of creation. And I am a guy, believe on discussing the matter and like to know the different aspects of all the amazing ways in which creation can manifest itself.

Generally young people use to get ignited easily and give comments immediately, looking on few aspects of the matter. It might not impact them at that period of time, but may put somebody in trouble and sometime for themselves too. So when you present a certain belief in front of others, be open to the fact that they may not agree with you or may choose a different path in life that is very different to yours. Instead of feeling offended, rather respect them for their differences and you deserve the same respect in return. Remember, the path you have chosen is not the only path and is not necessarily the ‘right’ path. But you will be happy that what you have selected, you feel that is correct one at that period. Don’t worry, if you are really ‘right’, people will understand you and may follow also.

Hosanna- Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya

You shattered my heart into pieces
I’ll give you my other heart to break again

That’s the moment…
When I crumpled at the sight of you, I lost myself.
Something happened to me…
Touched by the sky,
Dad’s chiding words, vanished with the wind

Hosanna… she just crossed my doorstep.
Hosanna… that’s all she did.
I’m reeling, I’m falling into pieces.
After she left I’m searching for my heart.

Hosanna…. I came closer to life.
Hosanna… I stood closer to death.
Hosanna.. cos I’ll say its love.

Everybody wanna know I feel like… I feel like…
I really wanna be here with you…
It’s not enough to say that we are made for each other,
It’s love that is Hosanna true…
Hosana…I will be there when you’re calling out my name…
Hosana…am feeling like my whole life has changed…
I never wanna be the same…
It’s time we rearrange…
I take a step, you take a step…
I’m here callin out to you…

Colorful butterflies fly here and there
searching for the flowers
A cloud.. a single cloud moves here and there
to touch every bit…

Hosanna.. is the butterfly here?
Hosanna.. has the cloud touched you?

You become a shell,
I become a child to clasp you in the palm.

Hallo… hallo… halloo hosanna
Hosanna… to shower love on me
Hosanna… to walk along with me
Hosanna… just say okay, that’s enough

You shattered my heart into pieces…
I’ll give you my other heart to break again.

You shattered my heart into pieces…
I’ll give you my other heart to break again.