Respect Women, Respect Nation


I am back after so long 4-5 months. Got new job, relocated to new place, bought new camera (Canon EOS 60D) and so many new updates. Sorry I couldn’t stay in touch.

Hmmm… One more new update. My parents started searching bride for me! traditionally we call it an arranged marriage. It’s kind of mixed feeling I am enjoying now. As day passes, my heartbeat keeps increasing. I’m thinking on how she will be, how we both will carry forward our family and so on. But above all, I pray god to be her soldier for any injustice happens to her.

I strongly believe on respect a woman receives, shows how devolved that family is. Like wise I too believe that in every man burns the courage to stand up against any injustice done to his mother, wife or his sisters. If all men realize the value of these believes and promise for his own family, then only it will not so late to see the dreamed country, seen by our so many freedom fighters. When we respect women we respect our nation. When all women in our country will get up at morning with no fear and no tear, that golden sun rays will bring prosperity and opulence for our country.

Reality versus opinion

After my retina test, I became almost blind for a day. Not able to see properly, mainly in sun light. So while waiting for an auto/taxi to home at hospital, one blind man requested my help to cross the road. Although I was little better on vision than him at that time, still I didn’t take dare to put somebody’s life in risk. So I requested an (unknown) young girl to help him, who was standing beside me. She is really a nice girl. She accepted my request and helped him to cross the road after throwing a word ‘stupid’ to me. Probably she was not aware of my situation at that time or I would have explained my condition while requesting her help for somebody else.

Everyone is having their own opinions, which turns into beliefs after some times. The way you feel about any topic or situation, is shaped by the way you perceive the reality around you. You should remember one thing; there are different types of people. The way you perceive might be completely different than what others think on the same. So instead of reacting on anybody’s opinion, it’s better to express your opinion in front of all. I really like this uniqueness of diversity of creation. And I am a guy, believe on discussing the matter and like to know the different aspects of all the amazing ways in which creation can manifest itself.

Generally young people use to get ignited easily and give comments immediately, looking on few aspects of the matter. It might not impact them at that period of time, but may put somebody in trouble and sometime for themselves too. So when you present a certain belief in front of others, be open to the fact that they may not agree with you or may choose a different path in life that is very different to yours. Instead of feeling offended, rather respect them for their differences and you deserve the same respect in return. Remember, the path you have chosen is not the only path and is not necessarily the ‘right’ path. But you will be happy that what you have selected, you feel that is correct one at that period. Don’t worry, if you are really ‘right’, people will understand you and may follow also.

Looking myself through the mirror!

In this digital days, being a software engineer, my daily life starts with internet and ends with it too. And while going to bed, I get chance to think on ‘what did I do today?‘ Answer comes- firstly ‘working for office’ (on returns I get some bucks to live), secondly ‘googling’ to familiar with current updates and lastly ‘chatting’ for keeping relation with others. But when I ask myself, ‘what did I learn in past 24 hours?‘. There was no answer..!!!

This learn word comes with three questions! ‘What do you do?‘, ‘How do you do it?‘ and ‘what is your goal?

Just you as a man who, wanting to see your face, look first in a little pool of muddy water, and see just an outline; then you come to clear water, and see a better image; then to a piece of shining metal, and see a still better image; and at last to a looking-glass, and see yourself reflected as you are. That’s we call ‘improvement‘.

When you were a child and thought in one way, now you are a man and think another way, again you will be an old man and think differently. Same case happens for everybody*!! If so, where is your individuality?? If you can compare between your thoughts in childhood and during middle age, then why are you not comparing yourself everyday with previous day? Your improvement will come along with your patience, effort you spend on a subject and how you work on the subject! It shouldn’t be the same way what you did previous days. There is a need of some changes on the working procedures to get a different result.

A gift from rain drops…

Saturday is a holiday for me. However last Saturday was not a similar to my past weekend holidays. It was raining whole the day. And I couldn’t stop me to go outside when rain stopped for a while during evening. I didn’t wish to take anything except my wallet. That time I didn’t care what people will think looking at this software engineer with a normal half paint with a common round necked t-shirt. I caught a local train. As I had a yearly train pass, I didn’t worry much on where I was going. I just got down at an unknown station, even I didn’t try to find the station name from the wall.

It was too much raining outside of the station. After keeping my wallet in safe, I stepped out. Shadows of big trees, standing both the sides already covered the full street. Sounds of many insects increased night’s scariness. Who care those, when you know what will happen at the worst case? I just wanted to enjoy the rain lonely which I got a chance after long days.

Rain didn’t take much time to cover me with her watery lips. I was recalling my childhood, jumping on stocked water, jumping over the streams of rain water on the road. I couldn’t notice, how long I was jumping to catch wet branches. After sometime, I just stood under a big tree to enjoy bigger water drops and hummed below poem.

gave me billion kisses,
hugged me thousands time,
at a lonely place
reminded my childhood
told me to start a brand new story.

brought a huge sparkling smiles on my face.
I was madly singing and dancing in the rain,
with no fear in the mind
and the head is held high
didn’t know the reason,
neither I wondered
the answer for ‘why’s’.

ignited my old craziness.
I was jumping in the rain,
to shake branches of trees,
to cross stream of water on the road,
reminded my childhood,
inspired me to start a brand new story.

 26th NOV 2011

802.1x Love Story in Layer-2 Switches

Sorry friends. I took long gap to publish a blog on educational stuffs. Anyway today I am going to explain one incident, happened during my last training session. So cool down and let’s start the topic!

It was the session on 802.1x Port Authentication. Like my other training sessions, I completed it 15 minutes before the schedule, and switched for funny discussion on same topic. One girl asked me, how I could relate this authentication protocol with my life!

Hmmm… Now your turn!! Could you remember my earlier DHCP blog? I just told similar kind of story on reply of her crazy question. Let’s follow that story!!

One declaration: I have a plan to create another blog site for only technical stuffs without any funny ideas (I will try to avoid. Okay??). Do you wanna like this plan??

However, similar to my earlier blogs on education, this blog is not meant for people who are bit boring or scary to relate funny matters with what they study in their class books or on which they work everyday.

This blog is written, guessing that you have some idea on 802.1x Port Authentication Protocol. And here is a freaky look on same protocol to remember it easily.

802.1x Port Authentication Protocol

Ref: IEEE 802.1X Wiki
802.1x authentication process


Xsupplicant Client: Myself
Layer-2 Switch: My lover
RADIUS Server: Her family

I struggled a lot to make my lover agree. Initially she was not talking with me. I don’t know, why girls ignore guys at the beginning! OK leave this topic here. Because my main focus is to explain, how she became agree to marry me and what steps I followed to impress her as well as her parents to make them agree on my proposal.

In this love story, I bravely initiated the proposal as “EAPOL-Start” packet for the girl (with whom I was in love) with the information like- who am I, where I am staying, what is the purpose for initiating EAPOL-Start packet.

She took some time. However she agreed with my proposal and replied as message called “EAP-Request” adding own identity information including some hints on the process to be followed while talking with her parents. Because it was huge chance to get EAPOL-Reject/NAK message for my single mistake.

I had three options:

  • EAP
MD5 Authentication Method

EAP process is very easy. It just believes on PASSWORD with MD5 authentication method. So I thought, it will not be a good choice to choose. Because it’s rarely seen that girl’s parents agree on marriage proposal, knowing just name and cast information of a guy.

TLS Authentication Method

So my next choice was EAP-TLS. But before I explained on this method, one of brilliant guys explained it!

EAP-TLS uses the Transport Layer Security (TLS) public key certificate authentication mechanism within EAP to provide mutual authentication of client to server and server to client. With EAP-TLS, both the client and the server must be assigned a digital certificate signed by a Certificate Authority (CA) that they both trust.

Nicely explained and I appreciated him for information shared. As I didn’t have much information on her parents like- how are they? what type of guy they are looking for their daughter etc etc. So dropped my second choice. Also I expected faster & more secure communication media during discussion with her parents. So I had third choice as EAP-MS-CHAP v2 (which is available only with PEAP). Suddenly another guy started explaining PEAP method.

PEAP Authentication Method

PEAP is an authentication method that uses TLS to enhance the security of other EAP authentication protocols. PEAP provides the following benefits: an encryption channel to protect EAP methods running within PEAP, dynamic keying material generated from TLS, fast reconnect.

“Ordinarily EAP-PEAP uses TLS only to authenticate the server to the client but not the client to the server.  This way, only the server is required to have a public key certificate; the client need not have one”, I added.

TTLS Authentication Method

Listening this explanation, one of girls wanted to know, why I didn’t choose EAP-TTLS by adding its benefits in front of all.

The Tunneled TLS EAP method (EAP-TTLS) is very similar to EAP-PEAP in the way that it works and the features that it provides. However the difference is that instead of encapsulating EAP messages within TLS, the TLS payload of EAP-TTLS messages consists of a sequence of attributes.  By including a RADIUS EAP-Message attribute in the payload, EAP-TTLS can be made to provide the same functionality as EAP-PEAP.  If, however, a RADIUS Password or CHAP-Password attribute is encapsulated, EAP-TTLS can protect the legacy authentication mechanisms of RADIUS.

I calmly explained that I had no interest to use any PROXY while communicating with her parents. So EAP-MS-CHAP v2 was the better choice at that time.

Listening this hidden story, all people in the training room started wishing for my marriage. But I stopped them at the middle and told that it was just a story, not a real fact!! I could feel, why girls threw nice smiles at me after my last statement!! Anyway training was ended with a joyous environment. But you have full rights here to ask any query on 802.1x protocol.

Goodbye, Steve…!!!

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” he told at Stanford grads on June 12, 2005.

“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.”

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” I liked this quote heartily. 🙂

And finally, “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” -Steve Jobs