Climbing a tree

When we climb a tree, we face many obstacles. Very first time, we will face the bite of ants on first branch. If you sit on that branch, keep looking at the bite places, then you have to fight with some more ants. And at the end, we have to get down.

Journey of our life is similar to climbing the tree and bites of ants are like difficulties/pain times in our life. So if we keep thinking on same matter happened earlier, then we will be caught more by that pain. And our unhappiness will keep growing. We will be broken down instead of growing up. So keep the life simple and truth. Whatever happens, just leave those at that time and just move on. God might be waiting you at the next door to hug you.

Respect Women, Respect Nation


I am back after so long 4-5 months. Got new job, relocated to new place, bought new camera (Canon EOS 60D) and so many new updates. Sorry I couldn’t stay in touch.

Hmmm… One more new update. My parents started searching bride for me! traditionally we call it an arranged marriage. It’s kind of mixed feeling I am enjoying now. As day passes, my heartbeat keeps increasing. I’m thinking on how she will be, how we both will carry forward our family and so on. But above all, I pray god to be her soldier for any injustice happens to her.

I strongly believe on respect a woman receives, shows how devolved that family is. Like wise I too believe that in every man burns the courage to stand up against any injustice done to his mother, wife or his sisters. If all men realize the value of these believes and promise for his own family, then only it will not so late to see the dreamed country, seen by our so many freedom fighters. When we respect women we respect our nation. When all women in our country will get up at morning with no fear and no tear, that golden sun rays will bring prosperity and opulence for our country.

Reality versus opinion

After my retina test, I became almost blind for a day. Not able to see properly, mainly in sun light. So while waiting for an auto/taxi to home at hospital, one blind man requested my help to cross the road. Although I was little better on vision than him at that time, still I didn’t take dare to put somebody’s life in risk. So I requested an (unknown) young girl to help him, who was standing beside me. She is really a nice girl. She accepted my request and helped him to cross the road after throwing a word ‘stupid’ to me. Probably she was not aware of my situation at that time or I would have explained my condition while requesting her help for somebody else.

Everyone is having their own opinions, which turns into beliefs after some times. The way you feel about any topic or situation, is shaped by the way you perceive the reality around you. You should remember one thing; there are different types of people. The way you perceive might be completely different than what others think on the same. So instead of reacting on anybody’s opinion, it’s better to express your opinion in front of all. I really like this uniqueness of diversity of creation. And I am a guy, believe on discussing the matter and like to know the different aspects of all the amazing ways in which creation can manifest itself.

Generally young people use to get ignited easily and give comments immediately, looking on few aspects of the matter. It might not impact them at that period of time, but may put somebody in trouble and sometime for themselves too. So when you present a certain belief in front of others, be open to the fact that they may not agree with you or may choose a different path in life that is very different to yours. Instead of feeling offended, rather respect them for their differences and you deserve the same respect in return. Remember, the path you have chosen is not the only path and is not necessarily the ‘right’ path. But you will be happy that what you have selected, you feel that is correct one at that period. Don’t worry, if you are really ‘right’, people will understand you and may follow also.

Hosanna- Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya

You shattered my heart into pieces
I’ll give you my other heart to break again

That’s the moment…
When I crumpled at the sight of you, I lost myself.
Something happened to me…
Touched by the sky,
Dad’s chiding words, vanished with the wind

Hosanna… she just crossed my doorstep.
Hosanna… that’s all she did.
I’m reeling, I’m falling into pieces.
After she left I’m searching for my heart.

Hosanna…. I came closer to life.
Hosanna… I stood closer to death.
Hosanna.. cos I’ll say its love.

Everybody wanna know I feel like… I feel like…
I really wanna be here with you…
It’s not enough to say that we are made for each other,
It’s love that is Hosanna true…
Hosana…I will be there when you’re calling out my name…
Hosana…am feeling like my whole life has changed…
I never wanna be the same…
It’s time we rearrange…
I take a step, you take a step…
I’m here callin out to you…

Colorful butterflies fly here and there
searching for the flowers
A cloud.. a single cloud moves here and there
to touch every bit…

Hosanna.. is the butterfly here?
Hosanna.. has the cloud touched you?

You become a shell,
I become a child to clasp you in the palm.

Hallo… hallo… halloo hosanna
Hosanna… to shower love on me
Hosanna… to walk along with me
Hosanna… just say okay, that’s enough

You shattered my heart into pieces…
I’ll give you my other heart to break again.

You shattered my heart into pieces…
I’ll give you my other heart to break again.

Looking myself through the mirror!

In this digital days, being a software engineer, my daily life starts with internet and ends with it too. And while going to bed, I get chance to think on ‘what did I do today?‘ Answer comes- firstly ‘working for office’ (on returns I get some bucks to live), secondly ‘googling’ to familiar with current updates and lastly ‘chatting’ for keeping relation with others. But when I ask myself, ‘what did I learn in past 24 hours?‘. There was no answer..!!!

This learn word comes with three questions! ‘What do you do?‘, ‘How do you do it?‘ and ‘what is your goal?

Just you as a man who, wanting to see your face, look first in a little pool of muddy water, and see just an outline; then you come to clear water, and see a better image; then to a piece of shining metal, and see a still better image; and at last to a looking-glass, and see yourself reflected as you are. That’s we call ‘improvement‘.

When you were a child and thought in one way, now you are a man and think another way, again you will be an old man and think differently. Same case happens for everybody*!! If so, where is your individuality?? If you can compare between your thoughts in childhood and during middle age, then why are you not comparing yourself everyday with previous day? Your improvement will come along with your patience, effort you spend on a subject and how you work on the subject! It shouldn’t be the same way what you did previous days. There is a need of some changes on the working procedures to get a different result.

An evening with her…!

It’s a strange evening!
She is nearby!
But I don’t have any words
to explain
her cute eyes,
beautiful hairs,
lovely smiles…
It’s a strange evening…!

It’s a strange evening!
She is close to me!
I am thinking much on
what she is thinking!
Don’t know why I am feeling,
that she is humming my name
under her suppressed smiles
It’s a strange evening!

P.S.- I am unable to remember actual date, but still I smile on myself when I remember about that evening!