Respect Women, Respect Nation


I am back after so long 4-5 months. Got new job, relocated to new place, bought new camera (Canon EOS 60D) and so many new updates. Sorry I couldn’t stay in touch.

Hmmm… One more new update. My parents started searching bride for me! traditionally we call it an arranged marriage. It’s kind of mixed feeling I am enjoying now. As day passes, my heartbeat keeps increasing. I’m thinking on how she will be, how we both will carry forward our family and so on. But above all, I pray god to be her soldier for any injustice happens to her.

I strongly believe on respect a woman receives, shows how devolved that family is. Like wise I too believe that in every man burns the courage to stand up against any injustice done to his mother, wife or his sisters. If all men realize the value of these believes and promise for his own family, then only it will not so late to see the dreamed country, seen by our so many freedom fighters. When we respect women we respect our nation. When all women in our country will get up at morning with no fear and no tear, that golden sun rays will bring prosperity and opulence for our country.


5 thoughts on “Respect Women, Respect Nation

  1. Last stanza impressed me a lot. Hope u struck many more hearts with those words.. Of course yes. tats true. I strongly believe the last line you mentioned!

    1. Thanks a lot for your wish! I started used to with DSLR and learning day by day. I saw lots of good pictures in your site, so I couldn’t stop myself to follow you. I will be more happy, if you will share some photography tips as well.


      1. Thank you for your kind comments.

        The best photography advice I can give is take lots of pictures of everything you can, in different light and situations. That way you will grow to understand what works and what doesn’t and develop your own style and interest. I would also encourage you to get close and practise getting pin sharp focus. An everyday subject shot close and pin sharp, from a slightly different view, is always interesting to me.

        Good luck.

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