Silent wishes

Hey Listen,
I’m siLent…

no words – on my lips,
no steps – by my feet,
no dreams – in my eyes.

My eyes are filled with tears,

Arid dreams get drenched.

I’ve lost my smile in the crowded sights,
Popped out to be a friend of dark nights.

I’m become a machine now,
have to work both days and nights,
not for money, not for happiness, not for passion,
it’s just for clients!

Oh God,
The spaces between us;
is your decision.
Purely yours!;
No one has to be blamed!!!

Yes, Sweetheart,
You are bit angry on me
so am I.
But you aren’t unfaithful
so do I.
Then what makes the distance
increases between U-and-I?

C’mon, Sona,
Speak up!
Wipe out your worries,
Chin up with the grin.
Showcase your charming face,
Awaiting your sweet songs,
Hoping your lovely smile,
C’mon baby,
Cheer up!

~ 0 ~

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