Looking myself through the mirror!

In this digital days, being a software engineer, my daily life starts with internet and ends with it too. And while going to bed, I get chance to think on ‘what did I do today?‘ Answer comes- firstly ‘working for office’ (on returns I get some bucks to live), secondly ‘googling’ to familiar with current updates and lastly ‘chatting’ for keeping relation with others. But when I ask myself, ‘what did I learn in past 24 hours?‘. There was no answer..!!!

This learn word comes with three questions! ‘What do you do?‘, ‘How do you do it?‘ and ‘what is your goal?ā€™

Just you as a man who, wanting to see your face, look first in a little pool of muddy water, and see just an outline; then you come to clear water, and see a better image; then to a piece of shining metal, and see a still better image; and at last to a looking-glass, and see yourself reflected as you are. That’s we call ‘improvement‘.

When you were a child and thought in one way, now you are a man and think another way, again you will be an old man and think differently. Same case happens for everybody*!! If so, where is your individuality?? If you can compare between your thoughts in childhood and during middle age, then why are you not comparing yourself everyday with previous day? Your improvement will come along with your patience, effort you spend on a subject and how you work on the subject! It shouldn’t be the same way what you did previous days. There is a need of some changes on the working procedures to get a different result.

6 thoughts on “Looking myself through the mirror!

    1. Thank you for your sweet and inspiring comment. It means a lot, as this comment came from a person like you, whose life is full of adventure works. I just started walking with my believe to reach at my destiny. Han… When I will reach at my goal, I will definitely share my feelings with you šŸ™‚


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