A gift from rain drops…

Saturday is a holiday for me. However last Saturday was not a similar to my past weekend holidays. It was raining whole the day. And I couldn’t stop me to go outside when rain stopped for a while during evening. I didn’t wish to take anything except my wallet. That time I didn’t care what people will think looking at this software engineer with a normal half paint with a common round necked t-shirt. I caught a local train. As I had a yearly train pass, I didn’t worry much on where I was going. I just got down at an unknown station, even I didn’t try to find the station name from the wall.

It was too much raining outside of the station. After keeping my wallet in safe, I stepped out. Shadows of big trees, standing both the sides already covered the full street. Sounds of many insects increased night’s scariness. Who care those, when you know what will happen at the worst case? I just wanted to enjoy the rain lonely which I got a chance after long days.

Rain didn’t take much time to cover me with her watery lips. I was recalling my childhood, jumping on stocked water, jumping over the streams of rain water on the road. I couldn’t notice, how long I was jumping to catch wet branches. After sometime, I just stood under a big tree to enjoy bigger water drops andΒ hummed below poem.

gave me billion kisses,
hugged me thousands time,
at a lonely place
reminded my childhood
told me to start a brand new story.

brought a huge sparkling smiles on my face.
I was madly singing and dancing in the rain,
with no fear in the mind
and the head is held high
didn’t know the reason,
neither I wondered
the answer for ‘why’s’.

ignited my old craziness.
I was jumping in the rain,
to shake branches of trees,
to cross stream of water on the road,
reminded my childhood,
inspired me to start a brand new story.

Β 26th NOV 2011

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