I was scared to tell you that I love you

I thought you saw the love in my eyes,
and the expressions of my sparsely bearded face,
but I never dared to say.
Because I was scared to say that “I love you”.

I love this friendship,
I love the movement of your pink lips,
I love the look of your cute eyes,
I love the beauty of your smooth cheeks,

I enjoy your joy of divine,
I enjoy your sense of rhythm,

I learn a lot from your strengths and weakness
I learn a lot from your style of prioritizing the tasks
I enjoy being with you,
I am glad to have a friend like you.

8 thoughts on “I was scared to tell you that I love you

    1. Oh…gr8…! ur shared picture is really awesome and even better than background picture of my blog. I loved it! Thanks a lot! Thanks again for subscribing to my blog! Hope, my blog will make you happy for some moment.

  1. often times we scared to tell what we feel exactly coz there are things that we need to consider… but honestly I am always asking why? then keeping wt we feel until we get hurt….

    1. I am agree with you, CL. We need to consider many things before expressing what our heart says. I don’t think, it’s not less harder than any adventurous work. And I haven’t find any clue, why we don’t use to express our feelings before it hurts! Anyway thanks for your visit and appreciate your comment 🙂

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