A journey to Hogenakkal, India

“I can’t believe there is such an amazing place so close to Bangalore,” I said when my friend gave a proposal for Hogenakkal waterfall. It was getting predictable – show pictures of Hogenakkal to anyone who has little idea on “Niagara Falls”, tell them it is just 180 km far from Bangalore and wait for them to gasp and react with those words – ‘I can’t believe…!’

A year ago I uttered similar words myself while seeing friend’s pictures at Niagara Falls. As a hills & waterfall lover, I immediately agreed on my friend’s proposal. And we three friends started our journey on the early morning just after one day. We reached there around 11:00AM, felt hot as we were habituated on Bangalore cold climate.

Waterfall was bit far from car stand. So our first goal was just to see water in that hot morning. After 15-20 minutes of exploration, we reached at bottom of waterfall, looks partially nasty place due to oil massage, and many people were bathing & cleaning dresses etc. So we postponed our willingness of going into water after noting, people are main source here to waste so clean and healthy water. You should know, the river flows through a forest before reaching Hogenakkal, which has herbs that are traditionally believed to enhance health.

Before starting our trekking to main water fall, we preferred to finish our lunch and jumped into a hotel for freshly cut fish at the bottom of hill. Although heavy fish meal after long travel was forcing us to take rest for a while, but we couldn’t control our eagerness to see the most awaiting place in front of our eyes. Hence we started following path towards main fall.
But hot weather didn’t allow us to climb for long time. We decided to play some fun under clean & chill water at the middle of the way towards initial point of waterfall.

We stopped us for sometime at the end of foot path and felt glad to see our most amazing waterfall. But it was just middle of the journey whereas our target was to go till starting point of Hogenakkal waterfall. But rain stopped us for a while and soon after the rain stopped, we started our next journey by boat. It was little scary to travel by bamboo where water level is more than 100ft and water force was not so smooth after rain.

But still I want to give “Thanks!” to boat driver as he didn’t tell it during starting of our boat journey, otherwise I would have missed another half part of Hogenakkal as my other friends initially showed some fear to travel by bamboo boat after rain. Boat was drove through big big hills having both side lots of small small streams.

After half an hour of boat travel, we had to start walking through a thick forest, where a nature lover can’t stop himself/herself to capture the beauty of nature within his/her camera. During this walk, we enjoyed the main water fall from very close. I couldn’t believe it at that time, seemed like I was seeing dream.

While this enjoyment, we couldn’t notice, when the day was about to end. Hence we started walk fast through the forest as we planned to complete the remaining part before sun sat. And we reached at the other end of forest, where our boat driver was waiting.

He dropped us at entrance of Hogenakkal waterfall. It was cloudy afternoon, made our tour amazing. Otherwise we wouldn’t have enjoyed trekking/walking at tourist place available within hottest state of India.

ogenakkal Falls or Hogenakal Falls is a waterfall in South India on the river Kaveri. It’s considered as one of the most beautiful places in the state. The broad stream of the River Kaveri gets forked at this point, forming an island from where one stream continues on while the other plunges into a deep chasm to create one of the loveliest waterfall giving these rocks the name Hogenakkal which means “smoking rock”. It offers long treks in the surrounding Melagiri Hills and one can explore the lush, rugged, landscape. It is located in the Dharmapuri district of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, about 180 km (110 mi) from Bangalore. It is sometimes referred to as the “Niagara of India”, offer an exciting holiday destination for Indians and foreigners alike. Hogenakkal is located about 750 feet above sea level amidst the Melagiri Hills.

8 thoughts on “A journey to Hogenakkal, India

  1. Few additional notes to this,
    This really came out as a nice memorable trip. It was scenically stunning.
    Nice place with nice friends on nice weather at nice time 🙂 What else you need.

    1. Yes… it’s really difficult to hold direction when water current is more. So boating is not allowed during rainy days. But it was a nice experience over 100-150ft water.. it’s awesome!!

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