Innocent guy…

 Before writing this blog, let me introduce on it. Today’s blog is something different concept, different style, different ideas and different plot than on which I use to post. It’s written for some of close friends. For them it’s really important to know the real fact for girls which we experienced little-more in our past, but we have never dared to express in public. Girls, I am apologized if my contains hurt you. Because currently it’s important for me to save my close friends than to grow my friend list… 😛

Another declaration- this post contains some true stories. I am damn sure; my friends will kill me after reading it. But now I don’t care those red eyes even if I do. Because they have a very big soft heart under their red eyes.

I hope, you also believe as guys are really innocent. They can’t stop loving if anybody shows a drop of love feelings. And their lives start with compromise and end with compromise. During childhood, he sacrifices his chocolate, dulls, balloons for his sister. Later he scarifies his teenage for his lover.

I am not going to explain till end of a guy’s life, but I can walk till just middle age or just before that. Because I believe, you know the last half of life very well (so I am not concentrating those part here). What I feel, real love starts after middle of the age in most of the cases which they never tell in their mouth but their expression shows everything. But before middle of the age, couples use to say more on their love than they really do. What the hell..!!! But it’s a fact??

Guys are like a flower, really innocent, which helps gals to play with guys feelings and emotions. Otherwise she might have thought twice before telling same dialogs to more than one guys as- “u r my only friend. without u, how cum I can live. keep talking, I wanna listen… (but fortunately they use to talk much than the guys do) etc etc”. It forces to break up the relation when one of the guys came to know. But conclusion is something different. The innocent guy is forced here to learn, “how to flirt”. But society complain as “the guy became naughty”.

Many times a guy sacrifices his friendship and keep roaming around with his lover even if his inner part of the heart looks for a break to spend with his friends (it could be chatting, smoking or drinking together). But during this period, she uses to do lots of emotional drama with him ignoring the real truth, and he has to return room with a frustrated mood, which none of his friends likes. Here to live with both friends and lover, that innocent guy is forced to learn, “how to do emotional drama with girls”. But society argue as “he changed to bad boy”.

Just two days back, I surprised when one of my friend drank 10 glasses of  water in my birthday party instead of his as usual eating, for just a sake of seeing a waiter again and again. Because we guys starts loving without thinking much on her. Have you ever wanted to know, what a girl use to think at the same moment??? Here guys learn, “how to control the own emotion”. But girl ignores him saying as “he has no emotion”.

Sometimes I feel like hell when a girl starts loving a guy. Because when he proposes, reply comes as she wants to be a good friend. Because he isn’t that much good/smart enough to be her husband. What a stupid!!! Similar things are seen within same gender in girls case. You believe or not, but it’s a fact.

Why love is not reciprocate always??? When one loves a girl, why not he is not getting same response from other-side. Misunderstanding will be there always. But we can’t walk with the same always. Right???

Life is too short. Keep loving each-other… Who knows about tomorrow!!! Keep smiling. Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Innocent guy…

  1. I completely agree to your view… This was happening in one part of the side.. but u should also believe that the other side of the coin…
    Not every girl is doing this. And not all boys are reacting like this…
    There are many cases in the past decades were boys seducing girls, knowingly increases the feelings of her and awaiting for the time to take the control over them… but now the girls were also doing the same. The ratio is like boys-cheating-girls:girls-cheating-boys is 100:1 at the early stage is now 1:1… Even now boys overtook the opportunities, I could still see ppl around me doing so… And with this discussion, dont realize that I’m supporting the girl gender and speakin’ on behalf of them… but jus wanted to say be more specific, since ur words represented GIRLS in common…

    Not all girls are cruel and Not all boys are genuine and vice-versa too..
    There are both the cases! Jus’ I felt u could made this article by telling a story of a fact with names changed or so or sharing the experiences of a friend/stranger’s life or the story u heard it or the story u imagined !!!

    Hoping that my words don’t hurt u or shouldn’t degrade ur view..!


  2. Awsome piece of thought yar….but the fact is that boys do understand that they r exploited but still they continue thinking that the (n+1)th attempt will help him secure a berth in her heart,,,, dear Raj ur one particular sentence summarizes everything:”…..not smart enough to be her husband”. Hey guys Raj is rocking…. metamorphosing into a matured blogger!!!!Keep it going dude….

  3. I agree about your thought Raj and I truly agree what jugdreams has written.cheating ratio is like boys-cheating-girls:girls-cheating-boys is 100:1 at the early stage is now 1:1… This is true because i have seen both the cases, recently one girl dumped one of my dear friend without telling the reason and at the same time another boy is playing with emotions of different girls. Sometimes we guys don’t understand the friendship of a girl and we think that is love but its not. Sometimes girls are taking help for everything from bodyguard to personal, professional work and at a particular time they will react as if as don’t know you…. But it hurts a lot when you dear ones start ignore you..

  4. aw, I appreciate the way u analyzed in some points, but not at all cases, just like boys, girls experienced the same, what I saw here is misunderstanding in a lots of point. Girls by nature wants someone who can take care of her, who will love her unconditionally, who understand her in so many ways, but not to the point of treating boys just like a nobody, I know for a fact there are some but let’s face it, it came from both sides…..

    1. Thanks for stopping by this post!! You are right! Girls don’t need anything except somebody, who can love her from bottom of the heart without any barrier. Due to this reason, guys are taking more advantages than that of gals. And sometimes girls get more hurt, which are very difficult to gather in words! However this article was written in different plot, and I have not dared to edit as some of my friends like it to make their heart chill. So please consider it as fun article.

  5. @Jagan, @Harry, @Subhranshu: The moral of the story I meant to express here is

    “Good Guy Gets Wrong Girl..
    Good Girl Gets Wrong Guy..

    They Fall In Love & Good Ones Get Cheated..

    Now The Good Guys Think, All Girls Are Fraud..
    And Good Girls Thinks, All Guys Are Flirts..

    When Good Guy Meets Good Girl,
    They Avoid Falling In Love
    Become Just Good Friends..!!”

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