Don’t be parasite for your own Happiness…

Daily life makes us rigid, uncheerfulness and lugubriousness. But still we show so much of dedication/interest to those works unknowingly and sometimes we forget to smile for these. Even we forget, when we laughed on last time! Do you think, this is called “real happiness”, what you learned from your day-to-day life????

Some of my friend told, spending time with family gives them real happiness. Some argued, success in a job/work gives them supreme pleasant. Few days back, when I was spending time in beach with my friend, she tried to convince me as money is necessary to be happy, which reflects on one’s status. Because due to lack of money, her marriage is delaying with her boyfriend!

It means, all our happiness is dependent on other factors; it could be spending time with family, success, money or something else. It looks like, we are at the center of happiness’, and all these external factors are inward to make us happy. But have you ever tried to change the direction of those arrows to outwards? Why can’t we be a reason of others happiness???

Here I am not telling you to be a joker to make other happy or I won’t send you to hospital to make patients happy. But just start with small small activities like hug somebody who is feeling frustrated, appreciate somebody who achieved something (it may be very easy for you), give closeness smiles when somebody needs a company to express his/her happiness, go for a walk when somebody feels lonely etc. I know, it’s bit difficult to follow in our daily busy routine life, still let’s try from today. I believe, you will be the supreme of your as well as others happiness. So don’t compromise on your own happiness, keep searching it within you and don’t be parasite ya. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Don’t be parasite for your own Happiness…

  1. Wow! A true fact buddy… Spending a few times with the people who are frustrated (only those we love; esp. friends ‘n family) is really needed…
    A shoulder to cry…
    A hug to lower their pressure…
    A small funny fights to make them away of their problems..
    Few jokes to share with them..
    Best thing is being with them at any situation… 🙂

    Anyways Love ur post…

    Love you buddy…
    You are one of the mokkai friend with beautiful heart…

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