relationship curve for nobody’s fault…

Life is not so simple how we think and relationship is not so smooth as we expect. You might have noticed, sometimes we get hurt for nobody’s fault! And at the end, we are the one, who think the topic more deeply than what already happened.

When we start rocking life… when we fragile… do we really care about others?? We loose our control of our actions, adding some emotions on that. And we expect someone to say something, what we want on that moment, regardless those are true or false. It just spread to our closest ones first and it continues to others. We just put them in a position to tell what we prefer to listen, whether that’s good or bad, true or false, reality or fantasy and so on. Gradually we loose the actual context which is truly best for us.

Nevertheless, there is a time where the situation doesn’t support what we want. Daily life makes us keep realistic to survive. There is a turning point, where we do no more fragile. We wake up and don’t need fantasy statements rather expect the trust truth. Unfortunately, our closers can’t see the difference between reality and fantasy anymore. Or maybe they just don’t want to come out from their comfort zone, as it gives more fun relationship.

After certain time, we change our demand to our closest ones and we ask them to follow. It is easy for us because we already experienced. For them, it is a big tough and challenge as they have to adapt the new situation. Overall, we have to be fair to everybody. We have to be fair to our own by giving a chance to live as we are. But we have to be fair to them as well by giving a chance to choose to go along with us or not.

Life is not as perfect as we are..!! We expect the changes without loosing anything, but we cannot control their desires. Some of them will be disappointed or even leave us. We get hurt. But we shouldn’t. Nobody hurts us, at least not intentionally. It is all right to be sad, but there is no reason to be miserable. It is not necessary to regret it, but you have to be SORRY if the damage is done and difficult to be fixed. You cannot blame anybody, as it is nobody’s fault!!!

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