finding happiness…

How I can forget you!!! Only you were with me till late night, while others were busy with their personal routine life.

Last Sunday, I really dumped in class by one lecture. So it was necessary for me to find a path to forget the matter.

I got an option to play cards with my friends. But everybody were busy with their own routine life. Hence I prefer to leave them with their comfort regions, ignoring own relaxation with first option and started focusing on watching India-England boring test match for sometimes.

I continued blogging after taking dinner as I didn’t feel better on facebook for long time.

I found lots of topics on inspiration, literature, faith & love etc… But I couldn’t concentrate on each points. Suddenly my eyes stopped at one sentence- “moving on doesn’t mean forgetting, it means choosing happiness over pain…” I concluded one thing from these magical words-

One can literally create own sunshine! Why does we get depressed, what gives us a bad ending of the day? We fool ourselves into thinking that things are worse than they really are.

So I wished to be with you to go for a good sleep. Because you are my best friend I ever had. With this believe, when I switched ON you. I really surprised with your first lyrics. Did you dedicate that to me?

To offer yourself to someone for smiles,
To share someone’s grief,
To have love in your heart for someone,
This is what life is all about.

Well..! As a reply of your first lyrics, I wrote this so you’d know, how much I thankful to you, although it doesn’t show. Because you were there with me till I slept, when all other doors were closed to make me calm. Please be with me even in my happy days like you do while I am sad. I like you so much 🙂

3 thoughts on “finding happiness…

  1. Hey Kishore, this blog does well to make one ‘pause and stare at life & one’s longings’, amidst the routine business. Good… enjoy your music 🙂

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