Parents call…

It was Sunday morning . I prepared for my weekend class and called to mom just for chit-chat. Other side of phone, a sweet voice asked me lots of questions in a single instants “Beta, good morning. How are you? When did you get up? Had breakfast? etc etc…”

“I was talking with your grandfather on our visit to Chennai as you don’t have time to come out of office work and weekend class.” she added.

“Mom, are you ok?” I asked.

I could clearly feel that she was missing me a lot.

Similar instance already happened with my dad just two days back. Dad called me. I received his call and heard a strong-affectionate voice, “Hey son, how is life going? How is your work going? and some more questions.”

And after a long talk, his one of  the questions forced me to think, “Beta, are you happy with your higher study with office work pressure?”

I didn’t expect this question at that time from anybody. I couldn’t find a word to reply to my dad’s question for sometimes. Because as a software engineer, “do you really happy with your work and with your managers???”

Past few weeks, my job didn’t allow me to sit with mobile for much time. Oh god… I forgot to call my family for past 1-2 weeks.

Here I suppose to add another similar story, that happened yesterday. I went airport to see off to one of my close friend going to Belgium. Even though he is very strong, still his face looks dull as he was going to stay away from his friends & family, especially from his mother.

Just before leaving us, his mother gave him a huge hug with a kiss to say GOOD BYE. She couldn’t control her tears as she was going to miss her only son for 2-3 months, which was not happened earlier in her life. But she didn’t show all her feelings to him, rather advised him to be strong to face all moments of his life.

Really parents are like this. They won’t show their feelings on their faces. You should feel those and be with them when they need you.

Hmmm… I am 1500KM far from my parents. Still I decided to meet my parents without keep them waiting, instead of thinking about my examination on next few hours.

Without taking my manager’s approval, I booked the first flight that was available after I made the call to mom, which was scheduled just 2 hours later.

My immediate decision forced my friends to think deeply on the situation. To get the reason of my travel, they repeatedly asked, “Why didn’t you plan it on Friday instead of on Sunday, so that you would have got 2 more days? Why suddenly?? Tell the exact truth. Again why are you wasting this much big amount for only 1-2 days? Be calm… Don’t worry; we will plan for some movie or we will go somewhere if you are really missing somebody/something. How cum one can be so serious over a night..!!!”.

I couldn’t make them convinced with my true reason. But I was convinced with the reasons I had, to go home. Because one doesn’t really need a reason to meet his/her parents.

Finally I was with my parents on same day evening, which was a big surprise for them and spent two days with lots of fun. Love you, mom & dad… 🙂

10th July 2011

4 thoughts on “Parents call…

  1. Fantastic buddy… No further explanation required on the sudden plan to Orissa 😀
    Now I really see this advt running thru my mind..
    “Price of the Couple pass movie ticket is Rs.250
    Price of 2 way air ticket to Orissa = Rs. 13000
    And the smile on their parent’s face when they miss you a lot is Priceless”

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