moments from my life…

I just lied down on the bed after returning from my weekend class. By seeing my tiredness, two of my friends started recalling their past student life, starting from walking to school through sighting junior chicks till attaining engineering final semester exam… They started giving excuses on why they are not in better position than the current one. Similarly I had many thing to say, but unknowingly my mind traveled back to past without having much discussion on that.

I just compared my two lives, one is “how I pretended as sincere student during last year of engineering to get a degree certificate” and secondly “how I am currently trying to prove myself during executive study”.

B.Tech 8th semester…

Only 1 week left to attain final semester exam. I had only attended 7 periods for 5 theory subjects during last 4-5 months of my B.Tech career. But luckily H.O.D allowed to only one international conference returned student to attain final exam.

Funnily most of guys in my section are like me. we didn’t really prefer to prepare our practical assignments before entering to our practical classes. As we were very confident that girls would show their capabilities inside, for sure they were going to help us on preparing our assignment and would feel proud of the fact that they were helping us??? And we boys were happy of the fact that they were helping us;-)

Generally we feel lucky on looking chicks in college canteen rather to attain boring classes. If not after lunch period, I use to leave class after first period next to lunch. May be dimple would have waited other side of the mobile. If not, it’s because of good lunch was waiting in room or i had to finish watching the rented CDs/DVDs with my roommates. Due to this habit once i got scold from one of my roommates as I encouraged others to switch to cheap news paper instead of buying “Economic times” to balance our monthly expenditure on renting CD/DVDs and news paper. Of course we followed the same till end of engineering.

As a whole, our motto was- “enjoy life, who knows the life after engineering studies”.

And now I have a good job, good old/new friends, which are needed to make life rocking. But I am helpless, need to spend 9 hours in the class without caring 2 hours of traveling journey to college, that to again in weekend… Sometimes I felt totally fade off on this executive studies…

Now all our dreams come true (P.S.: except one- yet to get a beautiful girl friend/would be). Now we can afford to go to a multiplex to watch a movie or to any luxury hotel for food; but missing my favorite Dahi-bara-alu-dum, chat and gup-chup with friends while looking dimples as background music. Also missing those fish, chicken and paneer curry with dal fry…

But I have not changed (really???), even though all surrounding changed. Still I use to look cat-walked beauties with friends during lunch/coffee or in front of friend’s office building (looking own office’s beauties is kind of boring…) or use to escape from weekend classes.

I was thinking, “whether I improved in any aspects, except some weight in body mainly on chin??? Whether I am capable of getting something extra recognition for some extra effort during my earlier life??” I think, answer will be NO…

I am happy, where I am. I am confident on what I am doing except some unwanted stuffs. I just give thanks to my parents as well as to GOD for food, shelter, the gift of companionship in hard times and a very big thanks for encouraging me to execute my plans in right time.

Suddenly my friend’s high voltage kick forced me to comeback from old days life and reminded about dinner at outside…

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