Marriage: A Human Migration

This is not a blog. It’s a feelings, which I wanted to share…

Coming out of niece’s marriage, I just tried to share my feelings in a descriptive manner. And the story goes like this-

I returned from my niece’s marriage. Day-after-day I am feeling stronger and stronger. She is always my good friend. Thanks god for giving me such nice niece. She is very shy in nature and very young too. She just started dancing during sunrise, coming out from dreams of rainbow’s colors. But who can stop hand of the god’s clock??  She is a believer on arrange marriage. What we can expect more from a homely girl!!! It’s little different from western cultured girls. She feels happy on sharing her feelings and I too respect all her words. Otherwise who is there to sit beside for consoling her as a friend at this moment!!! And at the end, her most awaiting day has fixed and she invited me on same day. She is my elder niece but younger than me. How can I stop myself not to available during most happiest moment of her life?

As expected, I could see all dull faces mainly her parent’s (my brother-in-low and sister) faces in her home. It’s obvious. Who served her for 20yrs without any desire, but they are going to miss her at the end!!! Is it not a crazy drama in god’s scripts??? Can you imagine, how strong one girl’s parent will be on that time??? When a black drongo can put her head on sharp sword to save her child, there above situation is obvious for human. I was noticing everything as spectacular, couldn’t dare to give any console to anyone and walked towards my niece room. She was so calm, dull unlike other days. I was thinking, how she cries if her dinner will be spicy, stops eating if anybody talk angrily with her, feels tired and sleeps on her mom’s laps if she does a little hard work!!! What she will do in her mother-in-law ‘s house!!! Ya… she can manage everything… God gave that much of strength to all girls. Where ever they go, freely share their love and affections with others and wins heart of others. That’s why, we compare them with heaven.

On the day of marriage, fasting made her more weaker and tired. But she looks too gorgeous with her wedding dress!!! I sat beside her after long time. No voice came from her mouth. She put her head on my laps and started crying. I let her cry for some moments, so that she will be ready for great future. I just prayed god to give plenty of strength to face each moment of her life. I had no words to tell her. I just put my hand on her head, wished for her happy married life and left her room when I couldn’t control my tears.

As per astrology, newly married couple started leaving her parent’s home in early next morning. But what is this??? She couldn’t control anymore, started crying with her parents, uncles (including mother’s brothers), aunties (including wife of mother’s brother) and with many other friends and relatives. She is only one daughter of her parents. I saw her father’s face; her elder uncle’s face (my elder brother or her mother’s brother). Nobody can control themselves. All though tears couldn’t wait in my eyes, I made me stronger and took responsible to take them till decorated car standing in front of gate. That time I was asking myself, am I stronger than her??? I think, answer would be “NO”!!! She was going to build new generation facing new culture, new people, and probably new foods with new family… everything new… with a great hope. What a sacrifice…!!! Whether man can do the same??? Is it not a human migration where female wins heart of others???

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