Barabati Fort: A fort speaks the glory of Odisha

While reading my history book in 5th-6th standard, I couldn’t believe such big historical places available within our well known Katak city (earlier named as Cuttack). It was year 1997. I was only 10 years old. I got chance to visit Katak during my summer vacation. I didn’t face much difficulty as my elder brother was continuing his P.G. in Revensa College in the same city. I stayed with him for two weeks. During that vacation, once I went Barabati Fort. It’s comparatively closer to my brother’s “New P.G. Hostel” than my home town, which is around 200k.m. far. When we reached at Barabati Fort, by that time darkness of night partially covered the city and gate was closed for safety reason. Still I danced for few minutes by seeing our historical fort in front.

The mind and soul still wanders and seek for that place once again in daytime. Whenever I put a step on sand of Katak city, this endless willingness  forces me to think on that evening at Barabati Fort and increases my desire twice. And unfortunately I got a chance to travel to my longest awaiting place in last Saturday (30th April 2011) with my friend Muma.

I started my journey with my friend after having Dahi Baray and Chushka. Have you ever tested Katak Dahi Baray??? Wow… It’s really awesome. Don’t forget to have it if you get any chance. And first time I had Chushka in front of Barabati Stadium. What an amazing test..!!! Soon after, we started moving towards our desire place. Roads are very neet and clean road, covered with beautiful variety of trees both the sides of road. We reached there within 5 minutes.

Barabati Fort, a fort that speaks the glory of centuries old tradition, Barabati fort boasts of the glorious rule of the mighty empire of Ganga rulers. Originally it’s constructed in the 11th century. This fort has been subjected to further modification and it has been thoroughly modified into its present form in the 14th century. The ruins of the old Barabati Fort remain with its moat, gate, and the earthen mound of the nine-storied palace, which evokes the memories of past days and lie on the right bank of the Mahanadi, in the western part of the city, an area of more than 100 acres (~0.5 km2), and it was surrounded on all sides by a wall of laterite and sandstones. To the west of the mound there is a tank. In the north-eastern corner of the mound are remains of what once was a temple. The temple was made of whitish sandstone over foundations of laterite blocks. Most alluring structure in the fort premises might be the gateway, which is greatly embellished with beautiful carvings of complicated nature. Another interesting attraction in this amazing citadel is the 20-yard ditch inside the bastion. This might be dug to protect it from the intruding enemies. While preserving the elegance of the old grandeur the interiors of the fort has been converted in to a modern stadium where important cultural fiestas and sports events are conducted.

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