My Superstition On Indian Cricket Team

The foundation of superstition is ignorance, the superstructure is faith and the dome is a vain hope. Superstition is the child of ignorance and the mother of misery. Then am I superstitious on Indian National Cricket Team? As I believe, they may lose the game if I strongly follow up their match. Although I know, result of any game can’t be determined by anyone’s superstition and also if I will not follow them, there is no guarantee for their win, and I couldn’t remember when they lost the game which I watched. Still I am following the same. It may be for two reasons- one is, I don’t wanna see any unhappy Indian returning from ground, as cricket is an important ingredient of RBC in most of the Indian’s blood. Secondly I might have ignored the matches when there is negative result for them or I watched lots of post-match celebrations where India won the matches. One can argue me, “You should cheer the players to encourage while they are playing.” I have no certain answer for this argument, still I follow the same, don’t know how long I will continue it…!!!

Below part of this blog is added on Date: 02-04-2011, after India won “ICC Cricket World Cup 2011”

Wow… I can’t believe it… I am crying like anything… Twenty-eight years on from the match that transformed the history of world cricket, India recaptured the crown that Kapil Dev and his men first lifted at Lord’s in 1983, and this time MS Dhoni & Co. did so in their very own back yard. Previously coming out from my superstition, I couldn’t gather my confidence to watch this final match between India vs Sri Lanka, which I didn’t want to miss at all in my life. So I wrote first part of this blog during the crucial semi-final match with Pakistan and shared among my friends. After getting lots of-lots of scolds and comments from friends (Specially from Jagan, RameshS, Harish, Aravind, Dasa etc), I started watching this final match alone in my room… And started scolding myself when V Sehwag & SR Tendulkar got out on 31-2 and bounded for  switching channels. But within 5-10 overs, again I regained the confidence and started watching the match and parallely praying for Indian team to win this cup specially for GOD of Cricket, SR Tendulkar. And India won the Cricket World Cup 2011 with captain’s big SIX and it was Tendulkar who was chaired from the field as the celebrations began in earnest by Raina, Kohli & full team as well. I couldn’t forget this moment in my life. And at the end, when it was asked Sachin about his feelings on this most awaiting moment of his 21 years of cricket career, he replied “I couldn’t have asked for anything more than this. Winning the World Cup is the proudest moment of my life. Thanks to my team-mates. Without them, nothing would have happened. I couldn’t control my tears of joy.” And I couldn’t control tear in my eyes… Like this World  Cup 2011 is finished with great joy with lots new records… Long live India… Long live Indian Cricket Team… Long live Sachin Tendulkar… 🙂

With this my superstition ended with joy & glorious excitement 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Superstition On Indian Cricket Team

  1. **** you off….

    You could also question in many of the below ways sequentially. Have you watched these matches alone?
    If so, Have you ever watched the matches with ur Friends?
    If so, Have you ever watched the matches with us, especially…

    I don’t think you can answer “yes” for the last one, despite I’m not sure about the first 2… Jus’ move on buddy, if you believe being in superstitious then give out the different ways or possibilities to make a smoother and super superstitious..

    Even I believe in these kind of things like “changing the place where I sit to watch the match” but what ever I would like to see n exchange the happiness and joys with the surroundings..
    This is what I believe and this is what I do..

    Its your wish to consider it….

  2. s buddy… its true tht ans of 3rd question ll be NO. I don wanna see “unhappy Sachin”. don’t mind, i m leaving as it is till the WC end and ll continue the new life after this.

    After seeing the excitement for Ind-Pak match, when one American can dare to ask- “whether this match can solve the Kashmir issue?”. tht tim, do u nt think tht it’s my bad luck, not to watch this mind-blowing match with frnds lik u guys. do u think tht i m enjoying without watching the match.?? pls leave me for only one game… will enjoy rest of life together…

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