Ultimate Goal!!!

Treading uncharted waters can be extremely scary at times. You don’t know how deep the water is or if there is trouble lurking beneath the calm surface. It is much easier to turn around or not to move towards the water at all. Life is the same way sometimes. We don’t know the end result but we still have to live each day with the faith that we will make it to the end. It’s like knowing that you are supposed to be doing a specific thing but you are too afraid to do it because you’ve never done it before. Or maybe you have been doing that something but need to do more. This may require you to step out of your comfort zone & take that step of faith into waters that may be murky. This art of curiosity causes sometimes to think me, “Leave Job and go on a world tour like a “wondering monk” with two pairs of clothes, a camera, a diary, a credit card & of course not with cell phone.

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